Sell With Your Roofing Shoes On

Some salespeople sell high. Some sell low.

Either way, the roof gets installed. We could say it’s a matter of quality, but that’s not true because expensive roofs are often installed very cheap while cheap roofs get installed across the street very expensively. This is especially true of metal roofing.

Quality vs. Price

The quality of the work often has very little to do with the price the customer pays. And that’s not fair, is it? Good quality should sell for more than cheap quality, shouldn’t it?

Some things are the way they are because that’s the way they are–how much a roof gets sold for, despite the quality of the roof installed, is one of those things.

The quality of the roof isn’t nearly as important as the quality of the salesmanship.

Homeowners are buyers and buyers are human.

Human nature is to exploit weaknesses when negotiating what we want.

The Negotiation

It all started in childhood. If a little kid knows Momma can’t say no to a sad story and puppy dog eyes, that’s exactly what Momma gets at every negotiation.

Buyers look for weaknesses, too. Maybe they don’t do it intentionally or even consciously, but they all do it. A homeowner will take one look at you, up and down, before deciding what you’re worth. If you’re not worth much, and you get the job, you won’t get paid much.

You may work in your work shoes, but you have to sell in your selling shoes. If you have roofers in arlington tx, maybe you can sell in your boots, but make them NICE boots.

Look Prosperous

One of the best things a salesperson can do to get higher prices is to look prosperous. One of the easiest ways to look more prosperous is to invest in a better pair of shoes.

Shoes are a shortcut. If your shoes are dirty and old, you’re prices better match. If your price is too high, your buyer will beat you down to the level of your shoes.

If your shoes are expensive and nice, that’s what they buyer expects to pay. You may not get your price, but you won’t have to fight as hard to convince them you’re worth the price when your shoes are nice.

When you look like you’re a prosperous salesperson, your prospects more easily respect your pricing.

It all starts with the shoes.